The GrahamTek business model is to support a global network of contracted partners. These partners consist of individually owned Regional Representative Offices,  Agencies & Distributors, as well as Strategic Partners, Suppliers and Competitors Companies. Our Intellectual Property & Knowledge Base in terms of 16” RO applications is globally known - simply because William Graham, founder and Executive Chairman of GrahamTek, was the original inventor and holder of more than 33 patents in this technology space. The GrahamTek business model shares this Intellectual Property and Knowledge Base with our contracted partners to grow their business by leveraging the significant advantages and benefits that GrahamTek technologies unlock.

"...GrahamTek’s global footprint is growing at an unprecedented pace. Our offering in terms of partnerships provides direct benefits to the clients of our partners resulting in significant financial reward for our partners...."

GrahamTek's products fall in a category with high Solution Design and Marketing complexity. Even though GrahamTek has Standard Off-the-Shelf solutions and products that can be deployed quickly and globally, the deployment & operation for these  product applications requires Skill and Knowledge. Similar to all our large scale projects, the Skill and Knowledge of these solutions requires a high degree of Technology and Systems Integration. GrahamTek therefore acknowledges the value that its Strategic Partners contribute to the end user solution and in most instances our clients are these suitably Qualified and Experienced Systems Integrators, Engineering Companies and Consulting Firms. With this approach we provide an effective and lasting client solution. 

There are instances where the end-user Client contracts directly with GrahamTek, in such cases GrahamTek cooperates with the Client’s engineering team and/or consultants to deliver a complete Product Solution.

While our Strategic Partners are responsible for the more complex elements of each project, our Agents and Regional Offices act as the “glue” that maintains the relationship between GrahamTek and its Strategic Partners. Our network of Value Add Resellers combine there core product offerings with the GrahamTek product suite to form a more Comprehensive offering to their existing client base. Our Agents, Regional Offices and Value Add Resellers are our primary sources to secure new and maintain existing Strategic Partnerships. They are a valuable and integral part of our value chain.


Partnership Benefits

The Benefit of a partnership with GrahamTek is measured simply on a Commercial Basis. The commercial benefit to our partners must at all times out-way the Opportunity Cost of not being a partner with GrahamTek.

The benefits can be summarised as follows:

The knowledge of capitalising on 16” RO is not widely known. This is proprietary to GrahamTek as the original inventors of the technology. The benefit of 16” RO far out-way the traditional 8” RO solutions. Being a partner of GrahamTek will allow your company to capitalise on this knowledge and product benefits achieving more financial objectives for your company. GrahamTek can provide bespoke product solutions or immediate response standard off-the-shelf solutions to rapidly deploy to your client needs.

  • A Partnership of this nature may make the difference between:
  1. Winning or losing a contract in water supply or treatment.
  2. Making a water supply project profitable or loss making.
  3. Sustained long term profits from a project or consistent operational losses. 
  • If your company or business is not in the business sector of Water Treatment or Waste-to-Energy solutions then a partnership is a means to access this global growth markets with a team of supporting experts and standardised off-the-shelf equipment sets that meet regulatory requirements. 
  • If your company is already supplying to sectors of the Water Markets then the white labeled standard off-the-shelf GrahamTek equipment sets will compliment your existing offering to your clients, thereby increasing your company’s product profitability. 

Partnership Types

  • Agent / Distributor
    Regional, Exclusivity Arrangements, Commission Sales
  • Value Add Reseller
    Regional, Exclusivity Arrangements, Rebate Pricing
  • Regional Office: 
    Regional, Exclusivity Arrangement, Variable Regional Pricing, Regional Profit Share, System Operations, Regional Manufacturing, Events & Exhibitions, Performance Guarantees & Warrantees, Maintenances
  • Strategic Partner: 
    Sector Specific & Regional, Exclusivity Arrangements, Fixed Regional Pricing, Product Markup, Performance Guarantees & Warrantees, Maintenance, Ultimately Responsible for Payment
  • Franchise Rights: 
    Regional, Exclusivity Arrangements, Regional Profit Share

Partnership Strategy


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