Water Treatment Systems

GrahamTek owns the inventor knowledge of how to build the most efficient 16” Reverse Osmosis water treatment plants globally.

GrahamTek was founded by William Graham, a water purification pioneer with experience in designing, building, installing and operating water treatment facilities to the World Health Organisation standards. Furthermore, he is the inventor of more than 33 patents that are recognised globally and most of which are currently in use by licensees around the world.

William Graham was the pioneer and original inventor of 16” Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology and his vision and foresight have now become a reality, with this technology being used in some of the biggest desalination plants in the world, producing in excess of 1 billion litres a day.

16” RO plants offer significant commercial advantages over other RO technologies and as the inventor of the original 16" technology, William Graham has unparalleled know-how and expertise to  design and build water treatment plants of the highest performance standards.

Proven Technology

Most countries provide water as a basic human right; as such these countries want to ensure that water supply is secure, reliable and most of all cost effective. The GrahamTek technology has passed several global and independent validation assessments in terms of its equipment performance.

GrahamTek continues to improve its products and technologies through its Innovation Hub, and in recent years we have developed the SuperFlux® technology that provides significant benefits for our clients:

  • Reduces energy consumption by more than 35%
  • Increases membrane life by up to 30% 
  • Reduces operating footprint by more than 40% (with less environmental impact) 
  • Reduces CAPEX by approximately 38% 
  • Provides remote real time monitoring and equipment management in operations

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System Designs  

We are able to assist in upgrading ageing & dysfunctional water treatment facilities by way of a retrofit implementation of our technology. Using off-balance sheet financing arrangements we are able to avoid large capital expenditure for our clients and simply charge on a “per-use” basis of the equipment.

At GrahamTek we are not everything to everyone. We are very specific on our systems design and applications. We focus on two categories:

  • Standard "Off-the-Shelf" 
  • Bespoke Mega System designs of 50 ML/day and upwards.

Standard Off-the-Shelf       

Our standard “Off-the-Shelf” equipment of 1 ML/Day, 2ML/day and 5ML/day can be applied to seawater desalination, wastewater and brackish water scenarios. These units can be deployed within 90 to 180 days from order confirmation date. These units may be deployment as the first phase of a larger contract as the units are typically used as technology demonstrators and feasibility study units. The modular design allows these units to be included in the larger scale units during subsequent phases. 

Bespoke Mega Systems

GrahamTek uses their inventor knowledge of the 16" RO technology to design large scale water treatment plants.

These designs form part of our intellectual property and are focused on space utilisation, energy reduction and higher efficiencies.

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