GrahamTek Waste-to-Energy Competitive Advantages

The GrahamTek technology is significantly different to other known technologies and systems; it is an innovative hybrid solution using an technological advancement of the basic pyrolysis model. It is able to combine waste streams through a process of thermal mechanical treatment where most hydrocarbon waste streams can be converted into furnace oils for further refining to diesel fuel and carbon black. The additional differentiators are:

  • The technology is modular and scalable up to 400 tonnes per day.
  • The standard production unit process 400 tonnes per month which equates to approximately 5,000 tonnes of waste or approximately 20,000 cubic meters of waste per annum that can be prevented from going to landfill.
  • The System can be applied to either generate Electricity from waste or Fuel Oils from waste.
  • The technology is a solution to government goals of zero waste to landfill.
  • It was developed with the environment in mind, therefore it is a closed loop, low emission and zero effluent system
  • The system uses no chemicals during the waste treatment process
  • It utilizes a GrahamTek patented technology where carbon chains are mechanical divided to extract oil - there is no reliance on catalytic chemicals.
  • The system has a high degree of flexibility to adapt to feedstock (waste streams) variations with various blending formulations and technical advancements built in to the technology.

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