GrahamTek is in the process of incorporating new technologies into its water treatment systems to provide integrated low energy peak performance water treatment solutions. 

GrahamTek has combined two new technologies along with proprietary Waste to Energy technology and our advanced 16” Superflux® RO technology to design and build new level high performance, energy efficient water plants.

By deploying this holistic solution our systems are able to deliver even more effective water treatment with significantly higher yields, while operating off the grid due to the plant’s ability to generate its own power

GrahamTek is in the process of launching a step change technology innovation that uses waste brine discharge from sea water desalination to produce electricity. This significantly reduces the cost of water production by taking the water plants off the grid due to their power self-sufficiency. Furthermore, with this new technology yields are increased, reducing the per litre OPEX even further.

This synergistic technology will offer a total solution to AMD water treatment whereby previously unusable polluted water is converted into steam to create electricity through the steam turbines. Excess steam is then condensed and processed through our filtration systems to create water for reuse, thus increasing yields and achieving Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). Excess power generated may also be sold back into the grid, rendering these water plants not only power sufficient, but having a negative power consumption.

This closed loop fully integrated solution is a game-changer that will set GrahamTek apart from all other technology suppliers in the water industry globally.

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