William "Koerie" Graham - The Journey

In the 1990’s Mr William “Koerie” Graham, the founder of GrahamTek, pioneered the 16" Reverse Osmosis technology globally. This technology was said to be impossible to achieve; its success and breakthrough meant that this technology is in use in some of the biggest desalination and waste water treatment plants in the world today. Mr Graham has achieved global recognition for his inventions and technologies and from his achievements as the principal consultant and advisor on more than 130 installations in more than 16 countries worldwide. Mr Graham has spent the past five years not only perfecting these technologies, but also developing his unique design which converts hydrocarbon waste to energy. With his vision and passion for innovation he has worked to integrate the Waste-to-Energy concept into the water treatment design to create a synergistic solution. The result is a breakthrough in waste and water treatment.


1994  First desalination unit to treat brackish water completed and installed at Bitterfontein, South Africa

1995  First sea water desalination plant completed and installed at Strandfontein, South Africa

1996 - 1998  Invented, developed and patented the original 16” RO technology which still today is one of the single biggest innovations in the water treatment industry. 

1996 - 2016  16” desalination plants installed in 130 locations in 16 different countries, including South Africa, Botswana, Bahamas, USA, UAE,  Kazakhstan, Singapore  and Australia.  

1999  Consultant to Mekorot Water Authority, Israel and installed 16” RO technical demonstration unit at Eilat, Israel.  Today, 16” RO technology is in use at Sorek, Israel, the second largest desalination plant in the world.

2003 - 2009  Further developed 16” RO technology and patented several unique design components

2006  700 m³ per day pilot plant installed at PUB Bedok/NEWater in Singapore which favourably compared the performance of the 16” RO membranes with the existing 8” RO membranes in the production of potable water.

2007  10,000 m³ 16” RO seawater desalination plant installed at  PowerSeraya power station, Singapore.

2008  Following the excellent results from the pilot testing at the Bedok/NEWater plant, 16” RO membranes were deployed in the 55,000 m³ plant expansion.

2009  Designed the first GrahamTek containerised mobile water treatment plant.

2008  Won Global Water Intelligence “Distinction” Award for 16” RO Technology.

2010  Designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned the largest ever mobile reverse osmosis plant to date, using 16” RO technology to treat 20,000 m³ of mine water per day.

2010  1,500 m³ semi-mobile, containerised desalination plant installed at Sedgefield, Western Cape, South Africa.

2010 - 2015  Extensive R&D resulting in the launch of the Superflux technology, offering significant advancements in terms of energy usage, membrane life footprint, CAPEX and OPEX.

2013  Installed first fully commercial Waste to Energy plant, successfully producing a low sulphur grade burner oil using waste tyres.

2015  Installed a 2,000 m³ 16” RO water treatment facility at GPHA Takoradi Port in Ghana, to service the oil and gas industry with water for their drilling muds.

2016  Established GrahamTek Marine to provide fully-equipped sea-going desalination vessels for flexible water supply solutions.

2016  Commenced full rollout of Waste to Energy technology.

2016  Development of innovative, fully integrated off-the-grid water plant design that will shape the future of the water industry.


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